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We offer unmatched Ayah services to household and firms around the city. Our Ayahs are professionally trained and they have the capabilities to offer extra care. Our Ayahs are capable of providing newborn baby care, patient care, old age care, mother care etc. who are ready to work in homes, private duties, hospitals etc. Our Aids (Ayahs) offer the physical as well as emotional support to people who they are taking care of.

They will provide their services 24*7, ensuring your family members’ well-being. Our Ayahs will also provide the complete guidance to parents of the newborn and support breastfeeding mothers, and address all neonatal concerns.


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 Our Office Address

P-44 Golf Club Road
Tollygunge,Kolkata- 700033
Phone : +91 9051119785

Email : dishaayahservice@gmail.com

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